Well you come up stairs in the night to talk
Stay a little while then you do a little walk on home

I hear you downstairs smoking cigerettes, I hear you talking shit
Cuz you aint got nothing to talk about at all

Well you take me to the party you got me alone
Said you wanna feel good cuz you feel like you’re gonna explode

I don’t care I can’t pay attention, I don’t give a damn about your
intentions at all

Pass me the whiskey, Pass me the gin
Pass me whatever that drink left is

Well I don’t care if it’s 7 in the mornin’
For all I care it could be the second comin’

You said you couldn’t take it anymore
You can’t live like this, it’s a really big deal

I don’t care I can’t pay attention, I don’t give a fuck about your
intentions at all
We always alright

Canção: Always Alright
Autor: Alabama Shakes
Intérprete: Alabama Shakes
Filme: O Lado Bom da Vida (David O. Russell, 2012)

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