Mommy dear, tell me, please,
is the world really round?
Tell me where is the blue
bird of happiness found?

Tell me why is the sky
up above so blue?
And when you were a child
did you mommy tell you?

What becomes of the sun
when it falls in the sea?
And who lights it again
bright as bright can be?

Tell me why can’t I fly
without wings through the sky?
Tell me why, Mommy dear
are there tears in your eyes?

Little one, little one
Yes, the world’s really round
And the bluebird you search for
Will surely be found

And the sky up above
Is so blue and clear
So that you see the bluebird
If it should come near

And the sun doesn’t fall
in the sea out of sight
All it does is make way
for the moon’s pretty light

And if children could fly
There’d be no need for birds
And I cry, little one
Cause I’m touched by your words

Don’t be sad, mommy dear
if it’s true the world’s round
I will search round the world
til the bluebird is found

Little one, there’s no need
to wander too far
For what you really seek
is right here where you are

Show me where, mommy dear
and here’s what I’ll do
I will take the dear bluebird
and give it to you

Dear, the bluebird’s the love
In your heart, pure and true
And I found it the day
Heaven blessed me with you

canção: “Little Child”
autor: desconhecido
intérpretes: Constance Towers e as crianças
filme: O Beijo Amargo [Samuel Fuller, 1964]



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